Michela D’Angelo was born in 1991 in Rome (Italy), graduated in Product Design at the EASD Valencia (Spain) in 2015, and later in 2016 she held a master in Illustration at ESAT (Valencia). 

In 2017 she moved in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) to join the Spanish artist Nacho Carbonell.

Participating in prototyping, designing and developing the pieces, she learned from Nacho the importance of the errors, the singularities within imperfections, translated into a very instinctive and visceral style based on feelings. A style that is in contact with earth and has its strength in it.  

These are the foundations on which the MiDA-lab project lays: in 2021 Michela created her own atelier where she began her own ceramic production with the “Bodies Jungle” collection exhibited during 2021 Dutch Design Week. The collection is described as “A set of new hybrid shapes, incredible living organisms, suspended between a plant-animal world and the human one. Through a gradual contamination between forms, new bodies develop themselves, evolving into a new evolutionary stage.” The pieces give back a very organic feeling, giving the impression of a desire for movement, a desire to breath, to be alive. 

In January of this year Mida Lab moved into a new atelier in Sectie c. For the #opendesign you are invited to put your nose in it, have a look on the work in progress. There will be some technology tricks related, fun!

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Daalakkersweg 14-24, 5641JA Eindhoven

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