Studio Thier& van Daalen

Dutch Design studio

Iris van Daalen & Ruben Thier

During the ’22 spring edition of DESIGN OPEN we would like to invite you into our studio
(downstairs) and home (upstairs), step in and have an insight in how we work and live at Strijp.
Here you see our prototypes, current projects and if you like you can choose your favorite shelf or
other accessory we made.
As well, the kitchen is on show, designed and built by the studio during the lock-down… A vibrant
design with fresh colours and tactile materials, where you are more than welcome to have a coffee!
Innovative elegance

They share their fascination for reflection of (sun) light, colour transitions and materials.
Over and over, they see it as a challenge to get hold of these phenomena and to abstract
and translate them into sustainable designs.

New designs for lighting, interior, furniture, jewellery, home accessories and unique objects. In
addition to their own collections and interior products, they collaborate with various labels and

They combine their sense of aesthetics, intuition and material knowledge with various
techniques such as digital modelling and fabrication or traditional craftsmanships to make
use of the full potential wherein innovation and elegance come together.

Visiting address:

Populierenweg 14 (Strijp S)

Email for reservations:


Phone number:

+31 (0)6 38 13 62 29

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