Scheublin & Lindeman

Scheublin & Lindeman is the design studio of Lotty Lindeman and Wouter Scheublin.

We search for surprising details, sophisticated compositions in color and material.

We read between the lines to discover pearls and translate them into functional objects.

We work for a diversity of clients; in concept, design and product development of special projects as well as serial produced products.

We are makers; our designs often have a simple and minimalistic look but show a refined eye for detail and craftsmanship. In our workspace, based in Eindhoven we have the facilities to work with various materials.

We make prototypes, specials and small series in house.

We partner with production companies to realise projects in a wide variety of scale, materials and production techniques.

Our product label Haave houses a selection of our designs.

Haave is a label with premium products with a sophisticated identity and a refined choice of color and material.

During Design Open you can visit our studio on appointment to see our latest developments.

Visiting address:

Halvemaanstraat 26 – 5651 BP – Eindhoven

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